Tiger Eyes is our exclusive safety management system to prepare and monitor your work space, and provide rescue equipment and services. Accidents occur as a result of either unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. Tiger Eyes services helps control unsafe acts by enhancing your Behavior Based Safety Program with full-time observation using multiple cameras in your most critical work area and high angle confined space. Visual observation along with constant communication will increase awareness, which has proven to directly effect safety performance.


Hazardous Job-site Observation Unit

Class 1 Division 2 Rated Enclosure

Wireless Gas Detection System

Fixed Gas Detection System

Five Deployable Explosion Proof Cameras; Pan and Tilt Capability

Video Recording Capability

Satellite Video and Communication Uplink Capability

UHF and VHF Communication Systems

Portable Hand-Held Radios

Portable Gas Detection Calibration Station

Four Point Engineered Lifting System

Forklift Pockets