Sand Traps

Tiger Safety Rentals offers equipment and specialized services tailored to keep up with the safety requirements of oil and gas companies worldwide. Whether on or offshore, we work directly with major oil companies to offer our extensive industry knowledge and service to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective safety equipment.

All our products are in place to keep everyone safe on hazardous worksites, and we work directly with the oil companies to ensure we provide all services they need. We first opened our services in 2007, and in a little over ten years, we’ve grown from a small business to a large company providing our services to major oil companies worldwide.

We offer safety trailers, lighting equipment, separators, and other critical equipment for on and offshore oil drilling. Of the rental machines we offer, our sand traps are some of the most popular. At Tiger Safety Rentals, we offer eight different sand traps to make your work more efficient.

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What Is a Sand Trap?

Sand traps, also known as sand separators, well traps, or oilfield traps, separate sand and other small particles from water. As simple as this sounds, the machines that conduct these activities look intricate and are pretty complex.

When well sand traps pull water up, the solid material will drop into a vessel where the parts will move around and separate the sand and other solids from the liquid. Pulling the liquid up and dropping it into a vessel is the first barrier to removing solid matter from the water before different filters complete the final stage of cleaning.

Gas and oil companies use sand separators to help reduce the time and energy spent trying to separate the solids from the liquids. This helps streamline the process and supports the effort required to keep up with downstream machines.

What Are the Different Types of Sand Traps?

There are several different types of sand traps available. At Tiger Safety, we provide vertical and cyclonic sand traps with varying PSI to assist you with what you need.

Vertical Sand Traps

At Tiger Safety, we provide excellent and high-quality vertical sand traps to companies for rent. Vertical sand traps are used to separate sand from all inflow of water.

When the sand trap stands vertically, it allows for an upstream clarification system after a preliminary treatment stage. The primary treatment stage serves as a screen and gravel trap.

Most people opt for vertical sand traps nowadays because gravity is the driving force that helps separate the particles. Gravity will trap sand, debris, and other particles in the bottom of the trap, quickly removing them from the water, oil, or gas.

Horizontal Sand Traps

Horizontal sand traps are essentially the same as vertical ones, just laying horizontal. These are still great options to filter sand and particles from water, oil, and gas, but most people prefer to use vertical sand traps nowadays. That’s why we don’t offer horizontal options at Tiger Safety, but educating on the different types is essential.

These traps aren’t nearly as efficient as vertical traps because they don’t have gravity on their side. That being said, they are preferable for specific situations.

Cyclonic Sand Traps

In addition to our vertical sand traps, they’re also cyclonic. Cyclonic sand traps utilize hydrocarbons and solids to separate sand and other particles from water. These sand separators work by taking in hydrocarbons and solid pieces.

The high velocity and momentum of the cyclonic action keep more sand away from the equipment, and out of the liquid it’s taking in.

Spherical Sand Traps

Spherical sand traps are essentially the same type of equipment as vertical sand traps, but the main difference is that instead of a slender, upright shape, they have a sphere. The spherical shape allows them to effectively separate sand and other particles from the liquid.

Our Sand Traps

At Tiger Safety Rentals, we have two types of sand traps available for rent. We have traditional vertical sand traps and cyclonic vertical sand traps. Our sand traps have varying sizes and PSIs, and all work on an L-skid.

All of our sand traps come with a different PSI, which can benefit various drilling sites. The PSI ratings of the sand traps we offer include:

● 3,000 PSI
● 5,000 PSI
● 5,800 PSI
● 7,500 PSI
● 10,000 PSI
● 15,000 PSI

Why Choose Tiger Safety Rentals for Your Sand Traps

While it might seem like we have a smaller selection of sand traps, the varying PSIs and sizes are the perfect options for almost every oil and gas company. All of our sand traps are vertical, making it easier for the device to filter out the particles from the top down than horizontal sand traps.

Major oil companies have trusted Tiger Safety Rentals for 13 years, making us one of the most trusted sand trap rental companies in the business.

We only provide the highest quality, most durable machinery that won’t compromise your staff’s safety, whether on or offshore. When you choose to rent sand traps with us, you’ll receive:

● Machines with durable material
● Hydraulic gate valves
● Plug valves
● 24/7 customer and technical support
● Clear instructions and documentation manuals
● Devices that are up to code

Get Your Sand Traps From Tiger Safety

Oilfield sand traps or sand separators are essential to streamlining the process of separating sand and other particles from water, gas, and oil. While they’re an excellent investment for any gas and oil company to have on hand, renting equipment can be more cost-effective without compromising the safety of everyone in the field.

These devices will absorb the liquid and then continue to separate the sand and other particles from the liquid so that they don’t contaminate the entire batch.

Tiger Safety can provide you with the highest quality and efficient sand traps and other safety equipment you need while working on and offshore. You can trust us with our extensive knowledge of the gas and oil industry.

Contact us today for accurate pricing and to find the best sand trap for your business.